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    This weekend, two students in my school committed suicide.  A few upperclassmen got thousands of sticky notes and wrote nice sayings on them and put one on every single locker in the school in hopes of lifting everyone’s spirits and making sure everyone knows that they aren’t alone

    ((This deserves more notes.))

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    I don’t have a soul but I will still reblog this

    I love this!

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    there should be more people like this in the world…

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    Jeremy Renner on J. J. Abrams, Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible.


    Did he say 3? 3 x more yummy Brandt x

    Has anybody got a link to this video which plays in the UK please? Thank u

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    The Scarlet Pimpernel


  5. "

    "While many will argue that Webb’s monumental reporting was reckless and lacked professionalism, Jeremy Renner’s towering performance convinces modern day audiences of just the opposite. Renner, whose latest work begs for awards season recognition, does an exceptional job in the lead role and single-handedly carries Cuesta’s film from start to finish."


    "… a gutsy and valiant portrayal assists an incredibly entertaining and multi-layered story."

    Lovely review from Dave’s Movie Reviews ❤️😎


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    I’m so frustrated with these “fans” saying they’re so disappointed and heart broken just because Jeremy Renner got married to Sonni. Hey, he’s got a proper family now. He’s got a wife and kids. His personal life doesn’t define who he is; it’s who he decides to be that defines who he is. It’s…

    Been feeling like this for months - thanks for articulating what’s been in my head for so long. Go Renner! ❤️


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    This needs to be seen by my Renner followers.

    Seen it…doesn’t change how I feel about him…Still adore and love him…why should that stop now that he is married?? He is still my inspiration..

    100% agree.

  8. Just had to post this - WOW I ❤️ this photo is it the arms, smile and black t-shirt combo. 😂😎

    Thanks to jeremyleerennerdotcom and @KevinMcCarthyTV

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    New photos by Sarah Dunn.

    Congrats to Jeremy and Sonni on the recent news.

    Not surprised as he has been wearing the ring for a while but nice to have it officially confirmed.

    I add my many congratulations to Jeremy and Sonni. 🌹❤️💏

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    JR being a really, really hardcore fan, part two. AWESOME :D
    (Source: amp.twimg.com)