1. Sigh!

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  2. liferuinedbyrenner:



    Any questions? Anything you wanna know about me?

    I know nothing about you!
    Where are you from dear??

    I’m from the UK 😘

    Me too - and I believe we have a mutual friend snooziep 😄
  3. mrskaderbeck:

    Fuck yeah I made little Clint…

    That’s brilliant love it. ❤️👍

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  4. My favourite picture I took on my holiday in #Llandudno

  5. rennersflame:


    Taken a little earlier tonight..
    Courtesy of thereslj@instagram.com

    He looks great!!!

  6. "One minute I’m homeless. The next I’m still homeless, but I’m in a tuxedo, on my way to the Oscars, stopping at a coffee shop to brush my teeth because I don’t have running water. The next minute, Jack Nicholson, someone I’ve admired my entire life, is right in front of me saying my name. Then he’s saying the names of two movies I did and I’m like, ‘Jesus, all I wanted to do was be in a movie that would play in a big enough theatre that my family would get to see it. And now this.’ What can I say? It’s weird."

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  7. imaginejeremyrenner:

    Imagine Jeremy Renner ordering take out for you while you’re sick.

    I don’t want takeout when I’m sick, however, if he were to make me soup especially chicken ❤️👍

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  8. I get the Elvis vibe 😎

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  9. snooziep:

    i really REALLY can’t wait for this movie

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    Chiltern firehouse London 2 2014 pics..